Roman Horokhovatskyy

Nice to meet you . I’m a multidisciplinary designer currently based in Dublin, Ireland.

My work focuses on building thoughtful, intuitive, and delightful digital products with a devotion to the quality, design process, transparency, and sharing what I learn.

  • Interaction Design
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design

Latest Works

  1. Place

    Valentino: Place

    Valentino is an Italian luxury fashion brand. I led the restyling of the intranet portal used by Valentino employees. Main functionalities include calendar, company news, social stream, magazine stream and online courses.

  2. Main Website

    IED: Main Website

    IED is a design institute located in Italy, Spain, Brazil and China. Up to now, it has had over +100K students. I participated in the restyling of the main site, which will be published in 2021.

  3. Design System

    SIAE: Design System ➞ Case study

    I led the end-to-end design process for creating a Design System for the web, which covered a complete redesign of over 10+ Saas products.

  4. Euroshop

    Cefla: Euroshop ➞ Case study

    Cefla is an international multi-business company that focused on Civil and Industrial Plant Engineering, Retail Design Solutions, and more. I collaborated with them in the creation of the app which offers a demo used in Euroshop on the features of the innovative experience of simplified shopping, which will be released in 2022.

  5. Data Visualization

    UBI Banca: Data Visualization

    I led the design of a visual language for Data Visualization widgets used in UBI Banca’s Data Intelligence internal product.

  6. Data Visualization

    FCA Bank: Data Visualization

    FCA Bank is a bank dedicated to motorists, which mainly operates in the automotive financing sector and cooperates with prestigious automotive brands. I led the design interface and the process of ideation and creation of the mortgages simulation concept.

  7. App SIAE+

    SIAE: App SIAE+ ➞ Case study

    SIAE is the monopolist intermediary between the authors of musical tracks and consumers, managing the economic aspects and the distribution of money from royalties of Italian-copyrighted music to authors. I collaborated with them in the creation of the first app SIAE+ that supports all the major services of the company.

  8. Digital Workspace

    UBI Banca: Digital Workspace

    UBI Banca is an Italian banking group, the fifth largest in Italy by a number of branches. I led the creation of the new portal and Design System used by more than 20.000 employees.

  9. Media Center

    Ferrari: Media Center ➞ Case study

    Ferrari is an Italian supercar manufacturer. Ferrari’s Media Center is a globally distributed website that focuses on the distribution of media content for journalists, writers, publishers and editors. Offers exclusive content that speaks to the Ferrari brand philosophy of originality, aspiration and inspiration. I had the honour of being able to collaborate in the restyling of the Media Center website.

  10. MEU TIM


    TIM is the largest Italian telecommunications service provider, with a turnover of over 18 billion a year. I collaborated with them in the restyling of the MyTIM app for Brazil country.

  11. Sound Art

    Sound Art: Sound Art

    Is a post-production facilities for film and television that focusses on using technology to unleash the creative potential of sound design and audio work. I guided the design process in creating the main website.

  12. Coworking

    LAND HO: Coworking

    A coworking service that provides top tier space in two parts in Rome city to accommodate between 50-200 professionals on any given day. I led the entire end-to-end process in the design and implementation, featuring the main website, locations and a booking system.

  13. Aeon Virtual Reality

    Aeon Virtual Reality ➞ Case study

    A Virtual Reality experience working in the browser on multiple devices starting from mobile phone to VR Headset such as Oculus Rift 2.

  14. 3D Sphere

    3D Sphere

    A Visual Design 3D pink sphere.

  15. Filament


    I designed a corporate identity that reflects the strong potential in online training, communicates with potential users as the company offers a vast and updated catalogue of IT courses.

  16. Polygon


    Polygon is an interactive installation that conveys the emotional involvement of a single participant or the entire group. It offers multiple interactions using the sequencer philosophy.

  17. 3D Rainbow

    3D Rainbow

    A Visual Design 3D rainbow sphere.

  18. Antechamber


    A short video inspired by Person of Interest tv-series.

  19. Poly Characters

    Poly Characters

    Vector low-polygon characters.

  20. Photographie


    A free WordPress Theme.

  21. Yearth


  22. HUD


    Heads-up display for the NUKEX composing

  23. Paradox

    JVC: Paradox

    An interactive installation in collaboration with leader JVC Pro of the new line of projectors, and CNC Glass Interlayer, an innovative company for transparent projectable glass.

  24. Monitor

    RAI: Monitor

    I designed the main website and icon set for the movie called Monitor.

  25. Francesca Moschino

    Francesca Moschino

    I designed the portfolio site of the photographer Francesca Moscino.

  26. Le Paradox v2

    Le Paradox v2

    I Led the rebranding and established a style guide for the main product used by over 150K monthly users.

  27. Le Paradox v1

    Le Paradox v1

    It is a fashion magazine that offers a conceptual insight int niche fashion and art. A visionary creative approach aims to provide a strong emotional impact on the readers. I worked with them in the initial design of the project.

  28. September


    I designed an experimental layout made in 2012 for September Magazine.


  • In particular, I thank Roman for the precious operational support in the realization of the Design System for SIAE. It was essential for us to have his support and end-to-end approach.

    Gioia Michele

    Gioia Michele, Engineering at SIAE

  • Roman’s creative talent is the best I have seen. His attention to detail and phenomenal skill is best in class. His designs would always delight our clients and they always wanted him to work on their projects.

    Massimo Ruggirello

    Massimo Ruggirello, CTO at LOVEThESIGN

  • Roman is a professional who loves his job. Attentive to detail and a perfectionist, he never stops trying to improve his designs until they are flawless. I am sure that a great future awaits him and I hope to be able to collaborate with him again.

    Daniel Bedusa

    Daniel Bedusa, Creative Director at Land Ho

  • I collaborated with Roman on the creation of several websites. In particular, his role was the Web Designer, a role in which he proved to be a really good partner.

    Iacopo Bellavia

    Iacopo Bellavia, Creative Director at Aritmos


Over the last 13 years, I had the privilege to improve products used and loved by many users, these are some of the clients:

If you’d like me to work on your product/service or just say hello, please feel free to reach me via email.