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Ferrari is an Italian supercar manufacturer. Ferrari’s Media Center is a globally distributed website that focuses on the distribution of media content for journalists, writers, publishers and editors. Offers exclusive content that speaks to the Ferrari brand philosophy of originality, aspiration and inspiration. I had the honour of being able to collaborate in the restyling of the Media Center website.


Lead Interface Designer

  • Product Design
  • Design System
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Interaction Design

Design process

We kick off our engagements by interviewing stakeholders across Ferrari’s organization. We’ll line up mostly one-on-one interviews, and conduct a slew of 30-45 minute interview sessions over a week or three.

  • Design approachDesign Thinking

  • Project approachAgile

The interviews are about discovering what you don’t know—and often that means uncovering the real questions as you go. So we created more specific questions receiving great results for proceeding to the first exploration and prototypes:


Since Ferrari’s Media Center offers a wide range of media content such as images, video, audio, and documents. The main goal of the product was to deliver a simple and fast experience during a search for a different type of content.

  • Primary featureSearch

  • Secondary featureDownload

  • Tertiary featureExplore

The product was designed in responsive design and mobile-first approaches.

General overview of the final product
Overview of search section and article
Overview of download section
Two pages on large screens

Software and tools

All the product features were added to Jira, which enabled us to keep track of the entire project and keep design and engineering teams updated on the process.

  • PrototypingSketch+InVision

  • ManagementJira

An overview of final prototype

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