Cefla is an international multi-business company that focused on Civil and Industrial Plant Engineering, Retail Design Solutions, and more. I collaborated with them in the creation of the app which offers a demo used in Euroshop on the features of the innovative experience of simplified shopping, which will be released in 2022.


Lead Interface Designer

  • Product Design
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • Interaction Design


Unlike traditional stores, Cefla can help customers save time in its target market, which includes dense downtown settings, where register lines get long during peak hours. And also reduce the operating cost, human staff.

Design process

After collecting the business requirements, we prioritized the most important features for the final product starting with the first release.

Then we started making low fidelity prototypes and test them with users and stakeholders. This allowed us to do user-testing already in the early stages. And after we start creating medium fidelity prototypes with less probability of rework.

To understand better user's needs and motivations we used user personas that help us to translate to online use and consumption and, ultimately, purchasing decisions.

  • ApproachDesign Thinking & Agile

  • Duration6 months

External promps/solutions

Based on the business requirements we have designed the three potential personas to simulate design-driven experience:

Overview of three personas

Data and metrics

During research with our engineers and established some extraordinary data that we could collect and split into two separate categories:

  1. Consumer
    • Targeted promotions based on user behavior
    • Total time spent in the shop
    • User routes
    • Hot areas and cold areas for stationing
    • Data timing by time bands
    • Product that consumer is interacting with
    • Frequency of purchase of a given products
    • Purchase history
  2. Technical
    • Product out of camera angle
    • Active shelf cameras
    • Request for assistance
    • Number of users entering the store
    • Information on the products on the shelf
    • Out-of-stock products
    • Quantity of products that are expiring

First release

Since the project had a small deadline we had to do two major releases. The first release was required to get exclusive invitations and a personal free pass to spend an entire day at Euroshop. So that potential consumers could be part of the project right away.

Initial prototype of booking the event during the first release

Second release

The second release offered a complete shopping experience:

An overview of final prototype

Support area

Support area for app provides the “admin-level” to support teams with allows to view and edit subscribed users to the product. One of the main features in-app was to be able to filter people labeled as "VIP":

Prototype of schedule and appointments

Team size

Several professional figures have been involved in this project:

  • Designers2

  • Engineers8

  • Managers2

  • QA’s1

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